Revision Notes – Memory Joggers

Mechanical Hazards – ENTICE:
ENtanglement, Trapping, Impact, Contact, Ejection

Hierarchy of Guarding – FOP IT IS (or FOPAD IT IS)
Fixed guards, Other guards (interlocked, adjustable, automatic), Protection Appliances (push sticks, jigs, holders) & Protection Devices (trip device/wire, photo electric device, pressure sensitive mat, emergency stop, two-handed controls)
Information, Training, Instruction, Supervision

Main Non-Mechanical Hazards –NEEDS:
Noise, Electricial, Ergonomic, Dust/Fumes, Stability (5 points)

All Non-Mechanical Hazards – BERT V. NEEDS CHUMS:
Biological, Explosion/fire, Radiation, Temperature extremes - Vibration
Noise, Electrical, Ergonomic, Dust/Fumes, Stability
Chemicals, Hazardous substances, U.V. Light, Manual handling, Splinters

Slips, Trips & Falls – SOC PETE (or PTFE)
Surface, Obstructions, Contaminants
People, Equipment (footware), Task, Environment
(or People, Task, Footware, Environment)

Manual Handling Assessment – TILE (or LITE)
Task, Individual, Load, Environment (or Load, Individual, Task, Environment)

Main Mechanical Handling Hazards – FOOLS
Falling people & objects, Overturning, OverLoading, Striking objects & people
(Fork Lift Trucks, Cranes, Mobile Elevating Platforms)

Main Construction Hazards – TEA, COFFEE & BUN’S
Temperature extremes, Egress/Access (site, building, excavation) (or EA = Explosive Atmospheres)
Collapse/Crush/Collision, Overturning/Overloading/Overrunning vehicles, Falling people, Falling objects, Electrical, Environment (sunlight, wind, rain, surface conditions, contamination – biological, chemical and radiological, lighting)
Bonfires/hot work (fire, smoke, fumes, dust, residue), Underground/overhead services, Noise, Struck by (vehicles, loads)

Additional Construction Hazards (Demolition) – VOUCHER
Vibration, Openings/cellars/pits, Underground services, Contaminants (biological/chemical/radiation), Hazardous...