Nc Higher Values and Principles

Formal Report - How care services meet the needs of individuals

  1. Terms of reference
At the request of Alison Mcvicar, Values and Principals Lecturer, a formal report and investigation into an individual using care services was carried out. The report outlines what care services are available within this area and what they provide, whether a residential care home or stay at home care services are more suitable for the individual in need, it also comes to a conclusion based on the compare and contrast of what we as carers feel is the best option for the service user. It is due to be submitted by 29th October 2014.

  2. Procedures
      3.1 Internet research was carried out
      3.2 Information was gathered from the information based on the individuals’ assessment paperwork.

3.0 Findings

3.1 Analyse the needs of an individual using care services.

Sandy will be assessed using meetings, checklists and through observations and being asked questions as these are the most suitable methods in her situation. Methods such as diaries, assessment forms or scrapbooks would not be effective as she is suffering from memory loss and therefor will forget to fill in these documents. The services that are available to sandy in meeting her needs would be at home care services such as Allied Healthcare or a residential care home such as Balclutha Court.

The range of human needs which must be met in order for the service users to reach their full potential is known as SPECC, this can be broken down into:

Social Needs
This is the need for interaction with others, developing relationships and friendships as well as participating in social groups/activities such as bingo, movie or gardening etc . These are a particular need for sandy as she is in need of more stimulation she is becoming very lonely and stuck in the house for long periods at a time. In home care services could meet these needs by arranging transport to and from her friends houses or...