Compare Personal Values and Principles with the Principles of Support for Working in Health and Social Care

In health care sector, communication is very important between carer and service users. Care workers require effective communication skills in order to work with different range of people.

Communication is about making contact with others and being understood, it involves sending and receiving messages.

The purpose of the communication theories is to enable successful exchange of information between the health promoter and the targeted audience. The theory would allow predicting behavioral changes and causing change in order to have room for the audience.

The theory I aim to focus on the theory of the health belief model (HBM). This model was developed my Becker in 1974 based off the ideas generated by the work of Rosenstock. This model illustrates the behavior changes associated with each patient.

This is achieved by taking into consideration the behavioral pattern in order to predict future behavioral pattern of an individual by taking into consideration based on how vulnerable the individual considers themselves to be. At this point we must define vulnerability in the terms related to the HBM theory and also vulnerability as the risk expressed through perceived susceptibility and the seriousness of consequences.

These two vulnerability factors must be considered because the individual is forced to the consequence and benefits associated with performing a certain behavior. Therefore the individual’s susceptibility to performing a health-promoting or damaging behavior will be based on their weighting up process.

Another factor associated with HBM theories are self-efficacy. This is best understood in the terms of HBM as the individual’s perceived confidence of their ability to perform that behavior. When analyzing the HBM theory we must break down the four elements associated with it order to determine and understand when behavior change occurs. The first element that needs to be observed is that the individual needs to have...