All religions attempt to explain creation, life and death. These explanations, however diverse, point to God. So why is there so much conflict, anger, and violence amongst some religious groups towards a different kind of religious group? It is said by Ralph-Waldo Emerson that: “Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to be humble.” I believe everybody, no excuses, should live by this standard when it comes to individuals’ religious beliefs.
The best example I can think of to demonstrate religious violence would be the Holocaust. Everybody has heard of this terrible, so called, “ethnic cleansing.” Hitler, the leader of the Holocaust, was a Christian who wanted to wipe-out and stop the spread of the Jewish religion. He did this because he believed everybody should practice Christianity because it was the “right” thing while the Jewish and other religions were wrong. This is just a prime example of how religion causes violence.
During the Holocaust the Jews never once fought back or made any attempt to act violently. The Jewish have never been violent towards anybody of different religion because like so many others, their religion believes in peace and love, not violence. If all religions believe this then why is there still fighting and major conflict with separate religions still going on?
Everybody should be aware, or at least heard of, the ongoing violence in the middle-est. The majority of this violence is mostly directed among the Christianity, Islam, and Judaism groups. Violence among these groups has been going on for quit sometime and they have yet to still get anywhere but more fighting and death.
So honestly, what is the reason for this violence just because one set of people believe that what they believe about God is right and other people is wrong? I do not know. I just know that no religions believe in violence but yet they practice it just because they believe there should be only one kind of religion and that...