Holden's Vision of the Nature of Childhood and Adulthood.

Holden's vision of the nature of childhood and adulthood.

      As we read the book, we clearly see the journey to adulthood that Holden is on, and we witness him on a path trying to discover what realm he belongs to. Holden leaves Pency to be able to experience the realm of the adult world. He goes out, on his own, trying to figure out what will happen when he is out there and what it will really be like. It is obvious that he is confused in what he’s doing to the point were he does a lot of wrongs things that end up hurting people around him. However, it seems as though everything he does, only leads him to discover that he is on his way of becoming an adult. By committing wrong doings, suffering from them, and recovering from it all is what leads him into adulthood.
      Holden was a confused teenager, who wasn’t sure of his faith, and did not apply himself to school. In the book, Holden wanted to pray when he was in bed, but admitted that he was “sort of an atheist”. He also insults the bible, in a blasphemous way, which can be considered a sin. He believed in Jesus, because of his leadership, but disliked the disciples because they were simply followers. When it came to school, he was surrounded by “phonies”, and used that as an excuse to not even try. He didn’t like his environment; how was he going to care about school if he didn’t like it? His “getting the ax” at school was not only hurting him, but also hurting his family.
      Holden acted very self-destructive. When he was in the hotel with the bellboy Maurice, and the prostitute Sunny, instead of giving them what they wanted he keep antagonizing, until he was hit and on the floor. After Maurice “roughed him up a little bit”, Holden practically visualized killing Maurice in a very dramatic way. It’s almost a sign that tells us how he doesn’t mind seeing people suffer.
      The second step to Holden’s path to adulthood was suffering. Holden is very alienated from the world and many unsuccessful...