Nature Poem Analysis


In line one she talks about “I taste liquor never brewed” I believe she is taking in life.
In line two she says “From tankards scooped in pearl” I think she is stated she gets her “liquor” just by taking in nature. In line three “Not all vats upon the Rhine”   I think she is saying that you don’t have to get drunk from alcohol.

Line five “Inebriate of air am I” means she   is getting drunk off of air.
Line six “And debauchee of dew” I think it means an excess of dew.
Line seven talks about how she goes threw endless days of summer.
Line eight means the vast ocean. Line nine and ten talks about how people ignore nature, but line twelve states she likes it.
Line thirteen   through sixteen talks about how much she enjoys nature.

The second line one and two talks a skinny man who lays in the grass likes to ride a horse. Lines three and four talks about that you have meet him because he is very noticeable. Lines five and six talk about flowers that bloom and part the grass. Lines seven and eight talk about how the flowers open up more at your feet. Nine and ten talk about how the flower likes a swampy and cold ground. Lines eleven and twelve when she was a child she would be sad walking barefoot. Thirteen and fourteen talk about how she feels under the sun. fifteen and sixteen talk about when she goes to pick one it hides. Seventeen and eighteen talks about how she knows some hippies and they know her. Nineteen and twenty she her friends give her the feeling of cordiality. Twenty-two and twenty-three she doesn’t want someone to meet this person alone or with a person.