War Poem Analysis

War Poem Analysis
In this essay I am going to be analysing three poems and them comparing them to each other. I am going to be talking about the differences and the similarities of the poems. First I am going to be talking about the three poems in detail.
The poem I am going to be analysing now is “Who’s for the Game” by Jessie Pope. This poem was meant to inspire and make young men join the war against the opposition. Jessie Pope was a poem writer in the time of the first world war. She wrote a lot of poems like this but this is the most famous.
“Who’ll grip and tackle the job unafraid? And who thinks he’d rather sit tight?” In this line she is trying to communicate that if you don’t go then you are a coward because you would rather sit tight while all your friends are fighting for their country.
“Who wants a turn to himself in the show? And who wants a seat in the stand?” In this line she says that if you go then you’ll be famous and respected. If you don’t then you will have to watch your friends being respected and appreciated and have none for yourself. “Who knows it won’t be a picnic—not much— Yet eagerly shoulders a gun?” I think in this line she communicates that she does understand the evils of war. She says in this line whether or not you are ready to hold a gun with the intentions of killing someone. “Come along, lads” In this line she uses colloquial language again trying to get young men to join the cause. In the last stanza she is trying to make people feel patriotic. “Your country is up to her neck in a fight, And she’s looking and calling for you.” She is trying to say that the country is in war and it’s calling to you to help. She also call’s Britain a she and calling an object a she is showing a sign of affection to it. She is also calling Britain your mother like a motherland.
I think this poem is very effective at making people patriotic and proud. For the job that it had it was very effective. Many people think that this poem is...