Zack Hughes
Bahan 2A
The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee is one of Nashville’s best known resources. It has been growing into a piece of Nashville culture since 1925.   The grand ole Opry is a live broadcast and stage show that has featured the biggest names in country music. As the Grand Ole Opry became better known, Nashville’s importance in the country increased. It was what caused .Nashville’s fame in country music. Unfortunately, it is being threatened by a decreasing country fan base and a new generation. More children in this time listen to rap and R&B than only other more than any other genres of music. Because of this the importance of the Grand Ole Opry is starting to decrease. If the Grand Ole Opry is forgotten, than over time Nashville will become less of a cultural landscape and Nashville would no longer deserved to be called “Music City.” If the Grand Ole Opry receives support and preserves the history with this broadcast, It will keep Nashville a populous city and keep Nashville’s authenticity strong. The Grand Ole Opry has created Nashville’s general mental map and would continue to make the city’s name better recognized if it continued to air.
Typical viewers or fans of The Grand Ole Opry were very deep into southern lifestyles. They all had the warm southern hospitality, patriotic, were easy-goers, and of course had a love for country music. A majority of the fans of this broadcast in the 30s were probably raised by the blues and country music genres, and probably weren’t exposed to a wide selection of music genres due to cultural barriers.   So the fans of the Opry were pretty consistent people and often listened to the artists on the Opry for country music. Reports have said the Grand Ole Opry was the place to be in the 1900 hundreds. The place was always backed and was filed with the energy from the celebrity performer for that night.
Cultural appropriation is why the opry needs support by UNESCO.   Being so popular in...