Myths and Fairytales

The Bible is filled with many stories, some that are known as myths. A myth is a symbolic story that illustrates views of   particular people regarding the relationship between humans and the divine. The Bible is filled with these stories (especially the Pentateuch) to show us how to live our lives in the way that God intended us to. The stories are told in a myth to catch our attention, which will make us read them. When we interpret these stories, they have a different meaning.   A meaning that applies to our lives and shows us the way the Lord our God wants us to live. Some myths are harder to interpret then others, which sometimes leads to people not understanding the true meaning. Sometimes myths are passed down through word of mouth.
A fairy tale is a tale of legendary deeds and creatures, usually intended for children. Fairy tales are intended for children because they are easier to understand, then myths. Some fairy tales that don’t exist in the Bible still teach you the way of life.
The creation story is an example of a myth or fairy tale. This story shows us that we should rise above the powers of hell and always follow God’s word. The devil comes to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Edan and he tells them to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.   God had already warned Adam and Eve not to eat from that tree, but the devil tricked them and they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This action opened their eyes and then they noticed that they were naked and brought the evil doings in to the world. Also, this made God mad and that is why everyone is born with original sin. This story reveals a deeper truth, saying that we should listen to God.   But if we don’t listen, we will be punished severely.
Also in this story, God creates the world in six days and rests on the seventh. This shows us that we should keep holy the Sabbath day, by resting, avoiding unnecessary work, and going to Mass on Sunday to worship the Eucharist. This is...