Myths on Sexual Harassment

Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment
He told people I was his fiance
January 25th, 2010
I was seriously stalked by a guy that studied in the same college as me. He first introduced himself personally and afterwards began to send letters that were freaky and contained a lot of private info what made me realize that for sure he cracked my password and read my e-mails.
Things got worse with time and he began to follow me home and stuff like that. He sent his friends to ask me why did I break-up with him. He even told people I had been his fiance.
The weird thing is that I NEVER met him before so no way we dated or something in the past (though he truly thinks we were together).
He then was working at the same place as me and I had to talk to my boss who managed to get him a kind of restriction rule so he couldn’t’t approach me there.
After, I moved to another country and surprise, he got a job in the same place, so i had to live with that for some more years. Again, i had to talk to my new boss as he applied for a job in the same working group i was working in. Finally he left the country.
But then yesterday I found out that he is coming back again. It seems that he found a new job in the same city and I am worried about it. He mentioned to a colleague that as he had a girlfriend there (in the place I live and where he used to live) he wanted to move back.
I am scared that he is moving back because of me. This has more than ten years (thirteen indeed) and I don’t know what to do. Should I talk to some authority? I don’t have any real proof of his stalking, the only thing I have is the word of another head of the office that was actually threatened by this guy through e-mails in the past. (He is violent too.)
I cannot remain silent
January 15th, 2010
Mary, Georgia, USA and Amsterdam, NL
I joined a global, primarily male dominated electronics company 3 years ago. My intention was to continue my career in a...