To What Extent Do Fairytales Resist Such a Simple Either/or Reading. Make Close Reference to Two Fairy Tales Studied on the Course.

To what extent do fairytales resist such a simple either/or reading. Make close reference to TWO fairy tales studied on the course.

Despite the unquestionable prevalence of fairy tales embedded in modern culture to this day, credit is not due to one man in particular but should be recognised as a combined effort with each fairy tale possessing many versions. However, no matter the worldly or historical context, moral and cultural importance can always be obtained from the basis of the tale. Thus, this essay will discuss the credence of fairy tales in how they cater to such a widespread significance when understanding their secreted complexities.

Bruno Bettelheim argues that knowledge cannot be acquired as an immediate occurrence as cited in the ancient myth of Zeus, when wisdom comes so forth like an arbitrary revelation. Bettelheim states that intellect is built up gradually from the most obscure beginnings. In context of this discussion, fairy tales are a considerable factor when recognising the gradual levitation of one’s intellect. Fairy tales can be recognised as a considerable factor in a child’s development with the unconscious employment of fairy tale concepts. In the Perrault version of Little Red Riding Hood, he finishes with a moral in rhyming verse, in which the wolf is employed as a representation for the male sex, depicting men as predators towards young girls. Although this is a generalisation, it is an example of how fairy tales edify children to comprehend resolution of potential arising problems that may occur during their development. Fairy tales also aid a child’s progress, as they allow the child a new scope of imagination on which he can expand and develop further. For instance, the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs highlights a definitive distinction between good and evil and the conflict between the two. However, this does not mean there is only one interpretation of the tale and allows for different manipulations of the...