Mystery of the Missing

Professor Jay was an expert on South Pole. He had done extensive research and had been there many times to collect artifacts. All this priceless artifacts were all part of his amazing collection of South Pole. He also had a private museum in his bungalow which visitors were welcome to admire. He was a good host and often had guests. He would be most glad to explain about all the artifacts and the history behind them willingly. However, wary of people trying to steal his collection, anyone who left his house was checked by an electronical security machine. Recently, he had just made little life like models of penguins and seals that was published in the newspaper.
‘‘Professor Jay’s new collection of life like model of penguins and seals is opening tomorrow’’ Xavier, mastermind of crimes read the headlines to his accomplice girlfriend, Jean. ‘‘Jean, the professor Jay is loaded. Just an artifact is worth a few thousand bucks, I wonder why Jay doesn’t want to sell them. Anyway, by selling a few artifacts, we both can be millionaires, or maybe billionaires? A few artifacts won’t be a great loss to him huh?”
‘‘No problem! Why don’t we try it? Oh Xavier, when we are rich, I want to fulfill our dream of travelling around the world,’’ Jean replied with a wink.
“Oh yes, you know I will agree to your decision,” replied Xavier, “And when we are rich, we can do everything!”
The next day, Xavier and Jean dressed in suits visited the museum just like any other guests. They went on a little tour conducted by Professor Jay himself with the other guests. Some of the guests were snapping photos of the artifacts and others were mesmerized by them. Jean kept Professor Jay busy by asking questions. Meanwhile, Xavier was a meter away from the others. He fished the artifacts into his haversack carefully. Professor Jay on the other hand, was delighted that Jean was so interested in his collection that he devoted all his attention to answering her questions.
At last, they reached an...