Life in New York

On the New York City 2 train it is very crowded around 4 every afternoon because it is rush hour. The train is always hot and has the smell of unpleasant odor. During this time there are several experiences one can encounter with: people trying to grab a seat, people stepping on each other, people pushing each other to get inside the train, one could also lose so their space boundaries. The train at this time of the day is the worst time because it could ruin the whole day for you. The fact that the train is so crowded brings a drag in the soul. One afternoon in this unpleasant atmosphere, I heard the most angelic voice.   This voice turned my misery of being on the train to joy in my soul. The melody was coming from a homeless transient. For the remaining of this soloist; I felt a touch of heaven into my heart. I had a sense of his pain through his song he sung so that you could understand his pain. The homeless transient sung two songs “Killing me softly” by the Fugees and “This is My Story” he wrote himself.   There is a saying “ignorance is bliss”. The knowledge if the suffering can make a person envy the society’s way of treating the less fortunate. The soloist was neither begging for sympathy nor was he asking for donations. The only thing this man wanted was to be heard;             hoping that someone would listen and turn his suffering into a success story. My mission in life is to help the suffering. Instead of ignoring the obvious disaster, world hunger, I would do the best I can in dedicating my time for the needy in poverty stricken areas of the world. Going to college would help me start my business. This would eventually make my salary increase so I could help a child in need.