New York

New York City, New York

“New York City is a fantastic... world class city with an unbelievable density of iconic museums, landmarks, top-notch entertainment, restaurants, parks, shopping...and sports ( Family 1). New York City is made out to be a crazy hectic rat race that’s intimidating, but you could be suprised at how easy it is to navigate the city (1). You maybe shocked to know that according to the FBI crime statistics that New York City is the safest city in the United States (1). “Like a theme park, but real, New York City is a working, thriving, dynamic place, with incredible diversity on every level and a fascinating history, commerce, and culture” (1). I chose to take a trip to New York City for a first time experience of the fast paced life of shopping and attractions.
I planned the trip through Expedia. Expedia allowed me to book a hotel and flight at the same time, which would account for better prices and make planning the rest of the trip easier. I planned my trip for April 19, 2012 through April 24, 2012. According to Expedia flying becomes cheaper if you fly out on a weekday, I plan to fly out on Thursday and fly back to North Carolina on Tuesday (Expedia 1). I will be taking this trip to New York City for my eighteenth birthday, which is April 23, 2012. I will be traveling with US Airways flying out of Greensboro at 6:00am and landing at LaGuardia at 7:30am, and upon our return to Greensboro we will be departing from LaGuardia at 8:05am and landing at 9:43am (1). Our accommodations will consist of five nights at the Hilton New York (1). The Hilton New York is a high rise standing forty-six stories high, located at Sixth Avenue and West 54th Street (1). The total cost for airline expenses round trip and a five night stay at the Hilton New York comes to a grand total of 2,133.87 (2). Transportation for the week will be a combination of taxi and subway transportation. The cost of transportation from LaGuardia to New York City is a flat taxi...