My Story, Based on the Clown Punk

“Hey, Iris, do you want to join us?” Asked my room mates in the boarding house. They decided to run away from the boarding house tonight and to cut classes tomorrow.

“No, I have a Physics test tomorrow, have fun!” I replied.

“Oh, you are such a boring person. I doubt did you ever do anything exciting in you life. Did you do anything beside revising, reading or watching TV?” I give her a smile as I replied.

“Bang” The door was closed. Suddenly, I felt the whole room was so quiet. I was lost in thought again. I started to question myself. “When did I last do something which is fun, crazy or exciting? I can’t remember. Especially since I arrived England, I always remind myself I can’t make any mistake and be careful with every single decision I made……

I could never forget the man which I saw five years ago. I remember the day I saw him. I was the last day of Prep School. I was in my dad’s car with my mate who was living next door. We were singing, playing and laughing as usual. When my father stopped the car in front of the traffic lights, this man was licking the windscreen unexpectedly. I remember he was wearing leather jacket and trousers, he was wearing a big, shiny metal neck lace and he had tattoos on his face. Although the way he dressed up may be a bit crazy, he was still very cool in my point of view. “When I grow up, I will dress up like him and be cool like him!” said my maid. I knocked my head with excitement to show I agree with him.

When we started to shout and laugh at him, my father suddenly said: “Stop it! You kids in the back seat that wince and scream remember the clown punk with his dyed brain, think what he’ll look like in thirty years time.” I was a child who was spoiled by my father, what he said, and especially his facial expression shocked me. He never spoke in this angry and serious tone to me before and in his eye, I saw something else beside from anger. I saw anxiety from my father eyes.

The clown punk enjoys his life...