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  Executive Summary  
The executive summary of this Authentic Leadership Journey Report is presenting the way it has been managed to demonstrate a step by step interactive discussion from an introduction of Authentic Leadership, self-awareness, sets of values, self-motivations to the point of person development plan for an authentic leader, which cover the period for the next two years. This report defined and clarifies my life story based on my education, experience and comprehensively of my study in relation to authentic leadership as part of Managerial Leadership module. This report has put in plain words the research methodologies I have used for the report preparation. So far, I have learned throughout the studying managerial leadership at Middlesex University. Using the vital process and analysis to write an excellent quality Authentic Leadership Journey Report enabled me to be a self-aware and confident individual. The following sections in this report will describe each section in broadly.
First of all, we should ask ourselves some crucial questions. What is an authentic leader? What defines an authentic leader? What processes are required? What are existing patterns of authentic leader? It is not easy to define an authentic leader or its attributes. It is important to know yourself, without that one will not be able to guide themselves. Once you understand yourself that will give you the ability to lead others. You will also understand the purpose of your leadership. An authentic leader who knows his self awareness, values and motivation, so to become an authentic leader you need to know yourself awareness, values and motivation, it is very important to know who you are, and the purpose of your action. Because that will give you the ability to lead yourself and when you lead yourself then it is not difficult to...