My Reading Wxperience

Course: ENGL1102
Name: Huiying Zhong
Date: 09/07/2011
My Reading and Writing Experience
The improvement of reading and writing ability is a process that needs to be accumulated. My best reading and writing experience happened during the time when I studied in global pathway, and it helps me a lot in my academic journey.
Before I took the Advanced Communication class at Northeastern University, I did not know so much about writing in English. Hence, my writing score in ILETS test was very low. I decided to enhance my writing ability, so that I paid a lot of attention to the Advance Communication class. In this class, I did learn so many skills about writing. Firstly, I knew that doing research is the base of a good essay. I need to put something to support the topic of my essay strongly, otherwise readers will feel confuse about what I am talking. I can search the information from internet, books or school library. However, there is another important problem during this process. That is how to evaluate your materials. As we all know, not all the information we obtain from the searching engine is correct. Therefore, we need to which information is reliable and can support our point helpfully. We can judge them from the authors, the publish organizations, the publish date, etc. Secondly, a clear thesis statement is necessary. I understand that I have to make my readers know exactly my viewpoint from the beginning of my essay. And then, it is no denying that an excellent essay can be attributed to a good structure. After studying the writing skills, I found listing an outline of my essay is very good for me to have a logical and well organized construction. What’s more, I have learned plenty of different formats about different kinds of essay as well, such as MLA, APA, CSE and so on. However, the most essential thing is that I learned how to make a correct citation according the requirement of different writing style. In fact, I did not think highly of citation...