Reading, Thinking and Writing Clearly About Literature

While we all have little things to write about, we should always take into consideration the clarity of our works. I honestly believe that is what Mr. Carver took into account here when   revising these stories. Simply putting words down on paper will never be enough. We must ensure what we are saying expresses the proper content and the proper direction of our stories. At the beginning of this class it was stated, "In my view, there are no poor writers or bad writers; there are only beginning writers and skilled writers. " (Professor Williams) I totally agree with this statement. There is no a proper or improper why to write a short story, and if there were most writers would try and violate to be creative and innovative. The things these two stories shared where the same thing that made them different from one other. The author changed the clarity, the message and the imagining for every single readers entertainment.
In terms of clarity, the first edition titled "Mine" which was featured in the book Furious Seasons. Mr. Carver was horrifically direct and straight to his point. But in terms doing this, once you read the third edition titled "Little Things", it is almost like he took some clarity away from the story. While you can still indentify that there is struggle and turmoil, it makes you continuing curious of what is really accruing. It is almost as if the first edition was never completed fully. With a little more description a reader could have stepped into the story. A reader could have live through the characters, feeling the great heartache. With a little more description of the first story could have lived right off the pages and into the readers hearts.   In the third edition, the one I received the best, you just gain more understanding to what's happening. It almost as if the picture of the baby was of my own son.
Next comparison is the message of these stories. Myself as a reader can clearly see the apex of violence in both stories. Both stories...