My Philosophy

My philosophy in life cannot really be described as one. I have different types of philosophies I live by. Depending on what topic it is, there are different philosophies I have on each topic. I have different philosophies for each theme of life. The themes I will address are work-life, family-life, friends-life, and other themes as well. My philosophy is about optimism and truth; I will always be positive about life and honestly true to others.
To me, my philosophy is most strong when compared to other people when they are in heat of a conflict. For example, when I read the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, it showed the struggle of a bird who wanted to find his true self, and he found it through many hardships. I believe that one could only find their true self after experiencing hardship or tragedy, then the person would really know how they are in life, because life is full of tragedies.
When I was younger my mother always showed me to be positive and optimistic about things. I remember in elementary school when she dropped me off in the morning, it would be a Monday and she would try to make me cheer up about it being a Monday and having a whole week of school. She would say, “Only four more days left of school!!” It made me cheer up and happy and to always think about the positive side. From my mother’s example I have learned that even at the most discouraging situation looking at the situation from another angle makes it so much better.  
I have learned things from my mother in a different way as well. I have grown to want to live a life of simplicity and humbleness, opposite from some actions that I have been exposed to in my house. Conflicts that happen in my household like issues with overprotective parenting and materialistic, jealous sisters make me want to create such a great lifestyle for my future children. I want to be open and understanding, honest, and true to my children. For example, instead of telling white lies to kids by parents who are...