My Personal Philosopy on Education

My Philosophy of Adult Education
I believe it is important that personal beliefs about education be explored. This should be an ongoing and evolving process; however I find that there are many philosophies about adult learning and education that can guide you into the realm of teaching.   I believe my philosophy of adult education is Progressivism.   I think that John Dewey’s theory that that people are social animals who learn well through active interplay with others and that our learning increases when we are engaged in activities that have meaning for us is an important belief for adults and that   that book learning is   no substitute for actually doing things. The notion that knowledge is acquired and expanded as we apply our previous experiences to solving new, meaningful problems is a key aspect of adult learning. Adult’s previous experiences are used in the ways to solve problems. I believe that (Dewey) five step method is very important to adult learning.   I use his method of solving problems every day.   I believe that people learn best from what they consider most relevant to their lives, some of our curriculum is based on the experiences, interests, and abilities of students.
If I become a teacher, I will center my lessons plan to arouse curiosity and push the students to a higher level of knowledge. In addition to reading textbooks, the students must learn by doing Often students leave the classroom for fieldtrips during which they interact with nature or society. I think as a teacher I can also stimulate the students' interests through thought-provoking situations. I will encourage students to interact with one another and to develop social virtues such as cooperation and tolerance for different points of view. Additionally, I feel no compulsion to focus students' attentions on one discrete discipline at a time, and students may be responsible for learning lessons that combine several different theories of learning.