Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility in Education and Lifestyle
Brandon Faison
October 31, 2011
Zaneta Ingles


Kids can make you successful and can push you to accomplish your life goals. Responsibility is a key factor in my life and being successful in school while helping take care of my child will help me become more responsible in my future. Kids do not stop a parent from being successful; they simply encourage them to strive for more to provide a better life for them. Being a parent and raising a child while in school is stressful but in the end I will learn that it was worth and it made me a better man and parent.

Personal Responsibility in Education and Lifestyle
In this paperI will be writing about what personal responsibility means to me. Personal responsibility means being reliable for my actions and well-being. Basically I am reliable for myself. Everything that goes on in my life is controlled by me. Although, everything that goes on in my life is controlled by me, kids can be very stressful at times and exciting at other times because they are expensive, playful, and enjoyable.
Kids can be stressful and exciting. They can be stressful, especially when you are trying to do everything you can to take care of them while being in college and maintaining a household. For example, while doing school work you might have to stop doing what you are doing to calm them down when they cry or try to get into something. A close eye has to be kept on children, especially when they are small because you never know what they are getting into when you are not focused on them. Kids are very exciting to be around because they are unpredictable. You never know what they are going to do or say to make you smile. That smile can make the world of a difference from changing a bad day to a good day. Being successful in school is one of my biggest goals in life so my daughter can say that I accomplished being a great parent with a good job and supplying her...