My Inspiration

My Inspiration: Mom
    Whenever you hear the word Mom, what do you think? Is it someone who will clean up after someone or something? Or possibly someone who has hot meals waiting at six o’clock every night. The word Mom, to me, has much more meaning than that. The acts and good deeds my mother does magnifies the very word that’s used to describe her; a mom. Growing up in Faribault Minnesota, I looked up to my mom. Whenever I needed help or advice, she’d be there for me. I didn’t know, until I got older, that she had an impact on our community.
    My mother frequently gave her time in the community. Whether it was a large task or small, my mom was there to help. I remember one time in particular which she volunteered in “Run for Kids”, a marathon-based running even helping to raise money for sick and disabled children. When I asked her about the event, she smiled and said, “I hate running, I hate getting sweaty, but the feeling you get knowing your helping the kids makes the running and sweating all worth it.”
    Everyone knows that when you grow up your clothes get too small eventually. I can remember every year for five straight years my mother and I would go through my closet. We would have the “fit” pile in one area and the “throw away” pile in another. Except my mom didn’t throw those clothes away. Instead she would donate those clothes to the epilepsy foundation in my hometown. It wasn’t until this interview that I knew she didn’t dispose of my old clothes.   She has been a part of this organization for twelve years now. “I never waste anything,” she commented when asked about the topic, “When I have no more need for an item I always say to myself, is there anyone who can benefit from these.”
    Baking has been a staple in my mom’s gift to the community. On some occasions I would come home from work or school to the smell of apple cinnamon in the air. “Remember how I always let you taste sample everything I made in order that it was good to give...