My Inspiration

Eng 111 Section 0003S
25 June 2010
My Inspiration
The poem that I choose that had a motivating change in my life was Maya Angelous’   “Phenomenal woman”. This poem has made a difference in my life because of confidence and security that it portrays. I think that a woman should feel happy about her self, be it for her smile or her sigh. We are all unique in our own way. We should embrace poems such as these in order to reinforce that fact. She has been a powerful writer and after reading this poem. I have walked a little straighter, smiled a little sexier and enjoyed being a women that much more. Although, the poems are just words on a piece of paper, the way she puts them together is phenomenal and inspirational.
When I first read this, I was at a low point in my life. The last thing I was thinking about doing was reading poetry. I saw a friend of mine that said she had read the poem that featured in the movie Poetic Justice.   I half heartily read it, but once I started, I thought to myself that this would be another poem where the words are long and the rhyme makes no sense to me. Therefore, the message would be lost, but it surprised me how easy the words flowed together and the message made sense. It is about letting women know that they are beautiful in every sense of the word. It had a way of making me feel and understand what the poem was saying. I hope that it will give you the same sense of empowerment that it gave me. This is how this extraordinary poem starts to me; it is asking what do you want to know about me?
“Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size”, which means I may not be the ideal shape, size or have the looks of a model that you may see on the cover of any magazine. I may not even look like a beauty queen on the outside, but I am beautiful on the inside, “but when I start to tell them,” it is not all about how I look and it opened me to the greatest part of me that has been inside of me...