My Experience

Before 100 years the life, it was in my country non-easy as some people think. Although the requirements of life in past is easier then now. Withal people were searched for any ways to make anther income. The life has been improving, all the types of comfort are available but the requirements of life are increase with it. However, I’m young like any young who needs to make his self and needs depends in his self for make own future.

      When I use credit card, I always I watched account for how many I have, then I watch my car and I think. my car needs money for monthly servicing , I want clothing and   I have to save some money, but   the money in my account is not enough. So I should to find another income because my salary is not enough for my things.

      In the beginning I was afraid because I was going to enter business world. The first, I applied for opine grocery, in the time I learned the first of information about how to opine store. Before I opened my store, I went to suppliers. When I was going to them, I discovered I had many option. For example one of suppliers told me, I was going to give you % 20 discounts. Other one told me, I was going to give you % 40 discounts but provide you have put just only my advertisements in your store etc. In the time I learned how much is true for each type of food.

      However, I prepared my store and the first month and second and third of months were spent but my income is middle. It is not enough. I thought for improve my sales, in my culture women con not driver a car and I open my store near of houses because my goal is service who live in houses.

      Therefore, I put telephone in my store for anyone needs call me. What he/she needs grocery and I brought someone who can help me and delivery their order to them.
When I was putting this service my income changed to better. In the time I learn who I can improve my business.

In conclusion, my first business was a great experience. I learned a lot...