Experiement for Psychology

In this experiment the Supremacy Pill will be tested to see if it actually provides a boost of energy. Unlike coffee, this pill do not stain your teeth and no preparation is needed.

Step 1: My experimenters and I will randomly select people to form 2 groups from ages 18 on up. Members from all races, ages and body types (tall, short, fat, skinny)

Step 2:   I personally will give each person an envelop that holds a month sample of the Supremacy product. One group will have the Supremacy and the other will have a placebo pill. I will also use the double-blind technique which will control the experimenter bias in the process.  
Group A: The experimental group, used as the independent                                 variable. They will be given the Supremacy Pill as a sample.
                        Group B: The control group that will be given the placebo pill
Step 3: After each person is given the envelop I will also provide them with a   journal. This journal is to be used to record personal feelings and reactions. I will give them specific instructions on when the pill should be taken and how much. Journals will be collected at the end of each month. A new journal would be given along with another monthly supply of the Supremacy Pill.

Step 4: My experimenters will complete steps 1 and 2 over a 2 months period. They are directed to record all observations, information and testimonies from each member of both groups.

Step 5: After recording and collecting all required information. I will then return from my Caribbean Cruise to tell each person if they were either expose to the actual Supremacy Pill or the placebo pill.

Step 6: After everyone know their status with the pill. My experimenters and I will compare each group side effects. Then analyze all material to form an appropriate conclusion.

Conclusion: After looking at the evidence my researchers and I have concluded that the pill was successful. Even though the pill...