Extraordingary Experiences Do Create Good Prose and Poetry

Extraordinary Human experiences do create good poetry and prose.
Wilfred own talks about his experience in the war with extreme passion, he expresses his disgust of the unprecedented loss of human life, which wiped out a whole generation of young men.
Owen disregards the conventional beliefs of war at the time he was living in, where war poetry was written as “”romantic”, he breaks this barrier by revealing the true nature of war through the experiences her participated in during his time on the western front.
In Dulce et Decorum est Owen uses various imagery to create a ghastly picture of war to gain reaction from the audience e to make them disgusted and horrified at the reality of war, these images are utilized by Owen to show the ultimate irony and the moral of the poem; it is not in fact a "sweet and decorous" fate to die for one's country even though writers of his day were portraying it as something heroic and noble.
This irony is illustrated in a clever juxtaposition at the end of the poem. The men who enlist are "innocent" , they are "children" who have learned that war is full of "high zest" and this makes them "ardent for some desperate glory". The innocent boys are willing to believe the Lie but they will, of course, learn differently once they experience the war first hand, just as own has changed his opinion through his experiences.
Owen incorporates allusion into his visual imagery. The "misty panes and thick green light" in line 13 refer again to the gas warfare employed in the World War. Even more important to Owen's poem, however, is the vivid visual imagery. Every image from this poem starkly contradicts our typical image of a soldier.
.While many readers imagine a soldier standing at attention, neatly dressed in uniform, here Owen confronts the reader with soldiers that are "bent double, like old beggars"
Wilfred Owen also attacks the old lie and the perceptions of war at home, and shows the indignity and horror of the war. He does this...