I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
By: Maya Angelou
      I think that the book, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was chosen to be on the recommended list of summer reading, because it is about Maya Angelou and her experiences during her childhood. Maya Angelou is an important leader, poet, and author. She was also a very important activist in the civil rights movement.
The book provides us with the perspective on life during the civil war, and gives us insight into history. It gives the reader context on how life was for Maya Angelou during her childhood, and the things that shaped her in to the person she is today. Ms. Angelou tells the story as a child, and then thinking back on it as an adult, so you understand how she felt at that moment in time, and then how she feels after years of thinking about the times and experiences.
      We can understand how people felt during that time, and how that may affect how they are today. We can learn about what past mistakes we have made, and can help to shape a better future. It also helps to see how prejudices affect our thinking, and how we dream to make our lives better.
      Maya’s parents divorce when she is three years old and decide to send Maya and her older brother to live with their grandmother in rural Stamps, Arkansas. Their grandmother runs the only store in the black part of Stamps and becomes Maya’s childhood Role model.
      Maya’s dad comes to Stamps unexpectedly and takes her and her brother to live with their mother in St. Louis, Missouri, when she is only eight years old. Maya’s mom is beautiful and lives a crazy life working in gambling parlors. Maya’s mom, Vivian, has a boyfriend named Mr. Freeman. Mr. Freeman molests and rapes Maya, one early morning. They go to court and Maya ends up lying on the stand, and Mr. Freeman was found guilty and sentenced to one year and one day. Later that night, Mr. Freeman is beaten to death, maybe by Maya’s relatives....