My Biggest Challenge

EXP 105- Week 4

My Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest challenges I had this year was making a decision on coming back to school because I'm an adult learner who has tried and failed in the past at completing a degree, I am definitely the pressure this time around especially from my spouse.

I wanted to make sure that this time I made it count and that I did not waste time or money because time is not on my side and I am not getting any younger.   As I look back over my life and I think things over, there is so much that I really wanted to do but I got complacent and as a result, I ended up wasting a lot of precious time.

I know to my some of my friends and family, it’s like “here we go again” but I promised myself that I would not stop until I finished and I am determined to reach the goals that I set for my life and my future. I have been looking at US Labor Statistics Website,, and various other resources for information regarding salaries for graduates in my field.

I decided on a BA in Healthcare Administration-Informatics.   I felt that since I have over 20 years of clerical experience in the hospital setting that it would natural for me to continue my career in healthcare field; Because now more than ever, the healthcare industry is focused on maintaining health information databases that capture, organize, and protect sensitive patient data which lead to an increased demand for health informatics specialists. This degree would only enhance what I already know and provide me with valuable information to start my own business as a private medical auditor.