My Annoyed Life

My annoyed life
I sit here every day alone with no one to talk to. People walk past me like I’m invisible to their eyes, walking in and out of Kilcawley right past me. But here I am telling you how I feel, like it will stop you from covering me in meaningless words suffocating me with those harmful toxins of paint. Disrespecting me like I have no feelings, I wish every day for someone to come talk to me but no! You just walk right past me. Oh how that bother me so much. Why can’t I live in the woods or a park away from these teens that disrespect me? But while I have your attention let me tell you how you people make me feel. You leave me out in the cold to freeze. I may be big and heavy but I do get cold so very easy. Winter in Ohio is not fun, and you should know that. I don’t think any of you guys like to hang out in the snow for hours on end. But that not all that bother me.
Let start with the fact that whoever set the trash can next to me, didn’t think that maybe I wouldn’t like to smell nasty garbage every day of my life. And the fact that people can’t ever get their garbage in the trash can just irks me. I don’t like their sticky drinks and smelly food drop on me all day long and having the sun cooking it on me. Nothing like having bugs walk all over you picking food off you. If it wasn’t for rain, I would be one smelly gross rock! And don’t get me started with all these students that stand around me blowing there toxic cigarette smoke at me and throwing their butts at the ground making my home covered in their bad habits. Those cigarette butts that you like to just throw all around me don’t get picked up or break down, nope! They sit there with me, every day, as the toxins from them slowly run out and I suck them up from them ground.
You would think that people would have some respect for me and not trash where I live every day, but I guess I’m a fool to think that. You want to know what people irk me the most. It’s not the lazy ones that can’t get...