My Angel

My Angel.

He scowled at him from across the room with a look of utter loathing upon his face. Katie quickly looked at her husband to see how he would react, but he had already turned away, his lips pursed, visibly upset. She turned back; overcome with relief, as she was sure her husband would react. But that sense of relief left her as quickly as it had come when she heard his voice.

“Some people aren’t as they seem to be, don’t you think?”   Katie’s husband fired at the guest, an evil smirk creeping up onto his lips. “I mean, they act in one way then later on reveal their true colours,” he finished off.

Katie froze in her seat. Her father and husband were glaring at each other, sparks flying from their eyes. The guest was blabbering in the background, completely oblivious to the tension in the room.
“Please, please don’t respond,” she thought desperately. Her head began to spin, mouth dry as she looked from one to the other. She gripped the couch, on the verge of tears, as she saw her father open his mouth to respond.

“Oh... is that how you define a hypocrite? Well thanks for setting the perfect example,” he launched back across the room and with it a cold, piercing look that was sure to send a quiver up his spine.

Katie never understood why her husband and father never liked each other. On the surface it was all smiles and hugs, but the important thing was what was inside their hearts. For these two men it was all hatred.

From the corner of her eye she saw her husband shift in his seat and stiffen up.
“HOW DARE...” he bellowed but the rest was lost in the air as her head was spinning so violently she felt nauseous. Heart racing, temperature rising, she instinctively placed her arms across the her stomach, trying to protect her unborn baby. She couldn’t take it, their bickering was overwhelming. She had to escape this torture cell that she was in. SHE WANTED OUT.

All of a sudden, she found herself on her feet.