Ark Angel

Ark Angel
Anthony Horowitz
Creative Writing
Kevin Gross
Period 2

Alex is in his bed in the hospital. He had been hit by a sniper’s bullet and was recovering. Then he heard a sound from somewhere downstairs. He’s wondered, should I go down? He did go downstairs and saw four men. One man was holding a gun and asked the night receptionist what room is Paul Drevin in? Alex wondered why these men would want his roommate? The night receptionist answered, “I’m not allowed to tell.” Then the man with the gun says, “Tell me in the next three seconds or I’ll shoot you!” The night receptionist quickly consults his computer and says, ”Second floor, room eight!!” Then the man with the gun says, “Thank you” and shoots him anyway. Alex is now very scared and turns and runs back to his room. Alex then switches the numbers on his and Paul’s connecting doors, so now Alex is Paul Drevin.
      Alex moved quickly, then the men came out of the elevator, approached and opened Alex’s door. They wanted to take Alex, but he ran and they reacted slowly. The men chased after him, but one man was slowing down so Alex took a fully charged defibrillator and shocked him. Alex was pleased with his success. Then one of the men heard the other man scream and came to find Alex. Alex hit him right between the legs with a tank of oxygen and the man fell to the ground. The leader was following Alex, but Alex was faster and he went to the physical therapy room. Alex then grabbed some elastic and a medicine ball. When the leader arrived in the hallway, Alex was on the other side and he fired the medicine ball at the leader with a slingshot made of elastic. Alex felt sorry for the men he had hurt, but he couldn’t let Paul get taken away. Only one man was left, he was short, but very muscular and wore a big steel watch, so we will call him Steel Watch. Alex, panicking, was trying to find a place to hide. Then he found the radiology department and went to the MRI room. Then Alex turned...