Firstly, music excitement can encourage the intelligence and creativity of the children which lead them to perform well in school. When children exposed to music, it will stimulate their brain and help to improve neuron connection yet, this will lead them to be smarter in the area of math. Teenager does not have really strong relation as the children in music achievement in mathematics and reading. (Southgate & Roscigno, 2009 as cited in Higgs, 2011) . The creativity of the children relate to the emotion of the children because when they listening to the music they will feel calm and the calmness will help them to be more creative and focus. According to Shcellenberg, Takayuki, Hunter and Sachiko (2007) hearing to common song and singing them will help in increasing creativity between the children. Moreover, children will increase their intelligence when listen to different types and genres of music as it will help them to learn the foreign languages. It happens when children listen to music and their parents will try to explain about the meaning of the lyrics to them. Kids can be wiser when listening to music (Ashikin,2011). After that, music encouraged the children to be brilliant in many skills, thus music have the same necessary as the other intelligence.   “Music intelligence is equal in importance to logical such as mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence then for bodily such as kinaesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence.” (Gardner , 1983   as cited in Levinowit, 1983 ). In short, music assist to stimulate the brain to make children smarter in various intelligence such as, mathematics, writing, reading, learning foreign languages and other else and then make it equally necessary as the other intelligence.

In addition, the music can affect the children’s emotion, therefore, music can help in children’s therapy. This is because, children...