Music in today’s world has changed for the good and the bad. Today’s generation is different from yesterday’s therefore the music industry has changed for just that purpose. Music today accompanies youth, teens, and also young adults. There is a whole broad spectrum of how music has changed. It has change lyrically, financially, and overall music has changed in general. Music today is powerful and has a lot more meaning than just sounds and words. Music is so powerful that it has the power to manipulate and influence individuals in a positive or negative way. There is so much meaning behind music the lyrics nowadays. Music can tell an artist life story, things they have been through, and even their opinion on certain views. Artists take music more then just a way to get money (even though the money’s nice) but a tool to vent. Look at Eminem and the controversy and debate he’s caused just by a few simple words. I guess freedom of speech really has no meaning today, at least in music. Music is powerful because it can manipulate people for the good and the bad. It can change the way a person thinks and feels. After the columbine shooting, the media started to put the blame on Marilyn Mansonand how his music has a negative affect on teenagers.

Music is so powerful that it can influence individuals to an extent of obsession. The reason there are radios and CD players in cars is so consumers can listen to music and enjoy it. Most of the fashion styles and designs were started by artist. It sounds easy to put together an album try to land a record deal and sell 1 million copies but its not. The punk rock and hip-hop styles were all started by artist. No one works to try to better the world or make a difference, you work for your car, your clothes, all material things and music plays a big role in that, because it has that power to. Music is my fuel it keeps me burning. The power music has is never ending music a big part of our lives. Music is...