1.) No, I do not consider myself a multi-tasker. However, I do multitask when work calls for it and yes, this case does make me consider whether or not I am more motivated or productive. Thinking of it, I’d like to say that I am more motivated to get things done—just because it feels like there are so many.   As for productivity, I think I am more productive as well. However, in an effort to get all tasks done at once, I realize that sometime I have no idea what I’m doing—it’s like the argument made in the case—I’m more superficial to the things I do. Sometimes I don’t remember what I did or why I did it—I just knew it had to get done because there was a bunch of other tasks that needed to get done at the same time. I prefer to just take time out to really complete a task thoroughly and efficiently and learn form it, as needed.
2.) I think that multi-tasking has negative effects because sometimes you don’t learn or absorb the knowledge that you should be gaining, if any, from a certain task. Also, sometimes people loose track of what’s going on and what they need to accomplish because they get wrapped up in switching gears/ tasks and getting everything complete at the same time.
3.) Yes, I agree. I can’t really relate too much, but I agree and that’s because I’ve seen people think that because they have so many tasks to complete at once, they end up freaking out and stressing out about them all.
4.) Yes, in fact I do. I can stay away from my cell phone or Internet for as long as I remain focused on a task. What I mean is that when I realize I’m losing focus, taking a mental break by using my cell phone or searching the web is kind of a way to recharge my brain cells so that I can get focused again at the task at hand.