Running head: Email and Internet Usage

Email and Internet Usage

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Email and Internet Usage
In the business world, employee privacy should be one of the many concerns of an organization. Employees are expected to help protect the rights of customers and company information on a daily basis.   Companies rely on email to get information to employees, clients and customers on a daily basis. Reliable sources of communication such as email and internet are used by working personnel worldwide. At Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids, email is used by employees on a daily basis to communicate with coworkers, customers, salespeople and third-party personnel. Communication through email allows various departments within Baker Hughes to complete important tasks quickly while multi-tasking with other assignments. This paper is intended to identify the privacy policies of email and internet at Baker Hughes while describing how the company implements the policies.
Many individuals may believe email and internet usage is private or loosely monitored. Messages in the workplace can be intercepted and read periodically by organizations to ensure privacy. Email which is also called electronic mail is a form of sending digital messages via the internet. Employees at Baker Hughes use the email software known as Microsoft Outlook to communicate with other departments, salespeople, and third-party personnel and customers. Email allows users to continue to work at their own pace and respond to emails as they become available.   Email usage at Baker Hughes is encouraged to be used for business purposes but can also be used for personal purposes if used appropriately. Employees are asked to limit personal email usage as these activities are monitored closely by Baker Hughes’ Quality Assurance Team. This department uses various monitoring software to monitor ingoing and outgoing emails. Employees are allowed to give out their email addresses to...