Ms2 Productions Evaluation

MS2 Productions: Abducted horror trailer

We were set the task of creating our own horror trailer to be filmed and produced in a group but with individuals concentrating on separate aspects of the production. We began with the choice of producing a script or storyboard to plan out the basics of our trailer. We were set a time frame to work within of 6 weeks to undertake research and finalise our finished trailer. The choice of groups was undertaken individually allowing me to choose students I work well with and know will put the effort in. I began with the ideals of what feelings I needed to create within the audience to make a good horror Trailer. For instance fear, anxiety, suspense the use of binary opposites the audience should be constantly kept on edge. These are the key principals I kept in mind while creating the trailer, and obviously the primary focus of a trailer to make the audience want to watch /buy the film.
Before we began filming I had to undertake detailed research within the Horror region. I did this through various types of research some more hands on for instance I created a questionnaire. This was handed out to selected age groups so we could understand where the target audience lied. More importantly how we could reach the target audience representing the trailer as a clear horror fulfilling the uses’ and gratifications of the audience signified from the questionnaire. From the questionnaire we determined that our target audience was surprisingly not predominantly male as first presumed but was spread almost equally between males and females ranging from young teenagers up to mid late twenties. But we quickly realised that young teenagers where the primary consumers of Horror style films getting a kick from the thrill the anxiety and the sheer terror they create. I also created a focus group as part of the qualitative research undertaken; doing this allowed us to asked more in depth questions and receive detailed response...