Human Resource Management

As an enterprise want to create more profit, the great employee is one of the most important part. For enterprise development, if the team is full of satisfied employee, their attitude will tend to be very positive. But it is obvious that under the globalization, there is no clear connection between performance management and outstanding work. In the past, the employer just supply well paid job, great welfare and comfort working environment. For all this is in order to let the employee stay. However, nowadays most of employer requires employee have higher loyalty for their company. They need employees take 100% effort to do their work, taking on their obligations and responsibilities. Thus, employer motivate employee through every method they can use than ever. In this essay we will firstly briefly introduce fuzzy sets and related concepts. Details on employee engagement and relevant influence will be presented in later sections.    

The definition of this issue is very hard to identify. It is normally known as the point of employee’s participation of enterprise activities. It refers to be like loyalty, hardworking, responsibilities and obligations. From academic point, it is employee’s emotion and knowledge investment to the enterprise. This is generally based on the promise and cost from their company. Popular press articles and business consultants have claimed that engaged employees bring companies competitive advantages (Corporate Leadership Council, 2006; Gallup Management Journal, 2005). If the employee is highly motivated, they will better performance than other employee. The one will increase the indicate of operating performance which will show significance to the enterprise development, it also include customer brand-loyalty, organization efficiency, safety manufacturing rate and so on. As if these employee show better performance in employee engagement can truly improve the profit of the whole enterprise.

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