Mr Jones

(Dummy)   PART 1

Question. In your own words define difference and   inequality and provide an example of each
on city road.

In this essay I will I will try and define what difference and inequality are and provide an example of each from my previous experience and studying of city road.

Difference can be defined in many ways,social scientists tend to focus on the “contrasts between groups of people such as those based on gender,dress,age,sexuality,race or ethnicity”.Whilst difference can be   defined in these ways it can also be defined by how people are set apart from one another.

An example of difference on city road is Exquisite Africa,this shop just by the products it sells targets a certain ethnic group (Africans) which then subsequently sets them apart from other people in general.

Inequality however can be defined   by many things,it may be through physicality,age,sex,infrastructure(access) but also through their own   personal financial situation.This effects where they shop,the clothes they wear,whereabouts they live but also whether or not they have   enough money left to buy food.

An example of inequality can be found at the foodbank on city road,where people struggling financially have to go to get food and where they don't get a choice.Where as someone who has money can shop wherever they want at tesco's,the farmers market etc,this is an instance of economic inequality.

In essence the essay shows that in defining difference and inequality we can see that they are often interlinked and show how they form part of everyday life.

Ref. Allen and Blakeley 2014 Understanding Social Lives Part 1,Observing City Road P25 Differences   P26 Inequalities.Milton Keynes Open University.