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Kathryn Castelonia
ENG 271 OL1
Movie Review

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas explores the beauty of a child’s innocence in a time of war. The movie offers the unsettling truth behind the holocaust. The concentration camp in the movie that is implied to the Auschwitz is where the adventures of a curious eight year old takes place. From beginning to end this movie shows an incredible story, and gives some insights of what Jewish people really did go through. This movie is heartbreaking, but will make you smile at the same time.
The movie is written and directed by Mark Herman, Cast: Asa Butterfield (Bruno), Jack Scanlon (Shmuel), Amber Beattie (Gretel), David Thewlis (father), Vera Farmiga (mother), Richard Johnson (Grandpa), Sheila Hancock (grandma), Rupert Friend (Lieutenant Kotler), David Hayman (Pavel), Jim Norton(Herr Liszt), and Cara Horgan(Maria). Produced by David Heyman: released by Miramax Films: Rating PG-13, 2008.
The movie mainly centers on a wealthy family living in Germany during the holocaust period and is told from the point of view of an innocent eight year old boy Bruno. Through the main character’s interactions with his family, friends and neighborhood, insight is gained into the extent with which Bruno feels a sense of belonging in each of those aspects.
Bruno is not allowed to explore the back of the house or its surroundings. Due to the curiosity and boredom, he decides to explore anyway. He goes to where he sees the smoke and sees a boy sitting on the opposite side of a barbed wire fence. Bruno introduces himself and asks the boy what is name is and how old he is. He finds out that he is a Jewish boy named Shmuel. Almost every day the two boys meet in the same spot. Soon they become best friends, so similar they are basically the same person in different circumstances, one a Jew and the other a German.
Friendship as a source of belonging is an integral concept explored in the movie and it...