Movie Review

The following characters in the movie had referent power,   which is the ability to influence the behavior of others because they admire and want to identify positively with the person.   Josey and Glory displayed referent power


Glory: wanted Josey to get a thick skin so she wouldn’t keep complaining and they would fire her. Glory’s personality is agreeableness, she wanted Josey to go along with the program so that she could maintain a job. An Agreeable person is trusting, courteous, and helpful, getting along well with others.   Glory also possessed referent power, she was able to influence the behavior of others because they admired her and want to identify positively with her.   Glory got along with everyone in the plant and earned the respect of the men at the plant and they didn’t harass her like they did Josey.

The following managers showed Coercive power which is the capability to punish or withhold positive outcomes as a way of influencing the behavior of other people.
Donald Pearson:   Showed Coercive power by giving Josey an ultimatum when she wanted to talk to him about the problems that she was having at work Mr. Pearson told her if she didn’t stop complaining that he would let her tender her resignation. He initiated a conversation stating “I think you are one of my girls” which is another reason why the work environment was hostile. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He listened to the other managers from the plant and took their word for what was going on.
Arlan: Showed Coercive power by not acknowledging the fact that Josey was being harassed and when she would report each incident to him he would only say that he was going to mention something to the men at the plant. Arlan’s philiosophy was to Work hard, and take it like a man.

Bobby Sharp: Showed coercive power, he actually was the one that was the main person harassing Josey. Bobby was her immediate supervisor and let that be known throughout the movie,...