Movie Review

In 1992 Denzel Washington did a marvelous job playing the lead role in the biopic of the controversial   and influential Black Nationalists leader. Malcolm X is one of the most influential, positive, and empowering movies I have ever watched. It’s sad how little people knew of Malcolm X before watching this movie, it’s even sadder that a lot of the younger African American generation didn’t Know who he was before this watching this movie. Me personally I have seen this movie a total of ten times.
I have also download and read many of brother Malcolm X greatest speeches and quotes, “ Ballot or the bullet “, is an example of one. As is visible, this movie has touched me in many ways. Denzel Washington’s performance of the ex-muslim leader is amazing, the only thing that is more amazing is the fact that he lost out in the Oscar race to Al Pacino, who portrayed a less important figure, by far. Angela Bassett, a beautiful and gorges black actress, plays his wife Dr. Betty Shabazz, in a magnificent role. Delroy Lindo, Albert Hall, Al Freeman Jr., Thersa Randle, and even Spike Lee himself all play great roles in the movie.
Malcolm X certainly isn’t your average icon as human being biopic. It’s more a tribute to the lasting influence of a man who was powerful and important even when misguided. The three hour plus movie roughly follows the order   of the Black Nationalists leader’s life as played out in Alex Haley’s “ The Autobiography of Malcolm X” , but it also spares many of Malcolm X’s more serious warts ( like his traditionalist treatment of women).   Washington’s richly   layered portrayal of Malcolm, as he progress from thug to prison convert to angry Nation of Islam leader to messenger of peace, is absolutely electrifying. His performance especially peaks during the final act, which creates an impermeable sense of doom as it focuses on Malcolm’s last day before his assassination by forces allegedly inside the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X is highly entertaining,...