Movie: Budrus


You see a man named Ayed Morrar you hear him speak about Budrus. In his words there isn’t any time for wars and he would like to raise his children in hope and peace. Therefore the people of Budrus use a nonviolent protest that involves the people of Budrus to come together against the Jewish militants. Budrus is a village that only consists of 1.500 people. Most of the settlers of Budrus are people that have settled there through prior heritage and lineage settling there. Budrus has a strong community of people relations. Budrus is mostly known as a place that produces food through planting especially olives. Olive trees are needed by the people of Budrus so much that it is one of the main reasons why they are protesting the Separation Barrier. Ayed Morrar connection to planting and producing olive trees is so strong he incorporates into his culture and supports his children acceptance of it. As Ayed Morrar was younger he didn’t posses any knowledge of nationalism being that his father had none himself. Although the first time Ayed went into the city environment he witnessed a demonstration against Israeli militants. From that point on he had a growing interest in what was going on with the demonstration he entered into the civil service. His intention in entering the civil service was to join the Palestinian protest.
The documentary talks about the beginnings of the Separation Barrier how the Israeli government set forth for the first 100 kilometers in the building of it. The Separation Barrier is placed on Palestinian soil. The Separation Barrier will circle around six Palestinian villages to disconnect from those villages from the West Bank and acres of Palestinian land. Dorion Spielman the captain in Israeli Defense Force feels that the primary factor to him is safety for the Jewish people from attacks from Palestinians. Spielman states within the years of 2000 to 2002 many Palestinian participants for suicide have taken away Israeli citizens lives...