ANC as political party
1) The ANC as political party exercise conditioned power and personality as source of power, for instance Jacob Zuma has charisma, property as they get lot of money from membership of any political party in South Africa and in other countries. It also includes organisation power which contains all three forms of power. They exercise conditioned power this way they persuade and changes peoples beliefs, they promise their citizens that they will deliver all the needs that the community needs as clean water, houses and even improve infrastructure also create jobs for them to fight against the high rate of unemployment. The ANC does not exercise condign power because they do not threaten people to set vote for them, because if they do that they will not get vote from the citizens. Conditioned power, personality and organisation power are very important in this player because there should be a leader in an organisation that will be capable of addressing a large number of people an be able to persuade them in order to receive more votes that will able them to rule the country
Big businesses (Anglo-American and De-Beers)
Big business like Anglo-American and De-Beers ultimately rule because they have less condign power than the state it probably have more than civil society. Big business exercise compensatory power and property as source of power. The state depends on taxes in order to improve its infrastructure and other facilities and also to buy militaries and political parties need business support to operate. They exercise compensatory power by giving their workers bonuses or increasing their wages the state relies on business because does not contribute the state will lose its GDP, citizens are been employed by the companies in order to get jobs if the big businesses had limited number of workers surely there would be high rate of unemployment. Political parties such as ANC in order for them to launch manifestos and campaigns it needs more...