Nowadays, it is commonly recognized that when you are pregnancy but you do not want baby, you can go to an abortion. Also, along with the advances in medical science, there are more and more different ways to abort. Since abortion involves not only the rights of pregnant women's health and self-determination, but also involves life and death of the fetus, which can be called fetal rights, so the abortion is an ethical issue. Abortion is a controversial act in many countries especially in western countries. Though the adults have rights to choose whether they want babies or not, does the fetus, which is a potential person, has right to life on the grounds? In my opinion, he or she does.

Is the fetus a person? When a person's life begin? There always have different answers about this question. At the time fertilized egg in the womb after fertilization, a person's life had already started. From the fertilized egg to the baby, as well as the development of adult stretches without a break, step by step, despite the various stages are different physically, but these differences in the morally irrelevant.

Is the fetus alive? Of course it is alive. In fact, those who support and defend abortion, and who would opposed granting fetuses rights “as people” opine that the “thing” in the human womb is not “alive.” But if it is not alive, why they need to abort it? Simply leave it alone! Obviously, of course, from their perspective that is not an option because, as everyone knows, in nine months, that growing, vibrant, developing fetus will result in a living human baby. The truth of the matter is that human life begins at conception and is continuous, whether intrauterine or extra uterine, until death.
Consider the following scientific facts regarding the living nature of the fetus. Firstly, the baby’s heart starts beating 18-25 days after conception. Secondly, by the age of two months, the heart beats so strongly that a doctor...