Modern Technology

Computers and Social Change
Marjorie Marshall
History Mod 3 SLP

      This essay seeks to explain the social context and the consequences of IT in bringing social change in the society. Computer is an instrument for communication as well as control. Computer has a lot of influence on how people interact; it has altered what we know and our behavior. By altering the way we create and utilize information, computers contribute to the changes witnessed in how property, power and resources are allocated in the society. The effect of computers on altering social relationships and work places, health and psychology, in protecting electronic information, preservation of privacy and for political and military purposes are considered hot button issues.
      Social scientists consider the computer an instrument of social change. The social importance of the computer lies on the personal experience of the people who interact and a reflection of the historical changes in the society. Computers affect and are themselves affected by the society. Computers have changed the way people relate with one another and how they relate with their immediate environment. Computers have also changed how people organize their work. The society has, on the other hand influenced the operations and the development though the demands individuals have for processing of information. Social change is considered as a shift in the characteristics of society and culture.
Compute and Social Change
      Computers and the internet are considered to be the most important technological advancement of the 21st century. Various social institutions and values like business, government, work and entertainment have been transformed.
      Computers have revolutionized education; it has led to the development of online courses that is an epitome of the integration of education and computer technology. People also do not have to travel to buy newspapers or articles or magazines since they...