Mobile Phones

Mobile phones. A blessing or a curse?
Mobile phones have had such a large impact in our modern twenty-first century societies, that they have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Nowadays, it has become the norm in our towns and villages to see people who are busy tapping on their cell phones.
Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate. These devices are carried anywhere people go because they are light and easy to carry around, such that everyone is constantly in touch with others. This is very different from when home and work telephones were the only means of communication. Nowadays, people can call each other using their mobile phones wherever they are as long as there is reception, regardless of the country they are in. This can be life-saving when emergency calls are needed, while also very useful to communicate with work colleagues, family and friends. Furthermore, mobile phones have also given birth to text messages, which are found to be more convenient than phone calls, because theycan be answered at the receiver’s convenience without being disturbed.
Mobile phones have also been of a disadvantage to their users. People in modern societies are often found to be addicted to their cell phones. They check if they have any new message over and over again, even when they are out with their friends or when they are on a date.
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