Why Mobile Phones Should Not Be Used in Schools

Among the technological advances our generation encountered is mobile phones. A product not long ago not discovered, has suddenly despite ones age, become one of the essential needs a person cannot live without. However, with technology come responsibilities, and as for mobile phones its misuse has always been an issue. Banning mobile phones from schools has been an ongoing campaign since students first started using it, as it contradicted the tradition and culture of a regular school day. The benefits and disadvantages of using mobile phones have always divided people into opposing views, especially when used by teenagers in schools.
Since mobile phones have become a necessity in our lives and benefit us in all aspects, some people claim students should not be banned from using them at school. Since mobile phones today come with hundreds of features that can help students from both educational and social aspects. Necessities like calculators, Microsoft and dictionaries for example, are all features you can find in mobile phones today, and therefore more efficient having them all in one portable device.   Mobile phones also come with a lot f fun and entertaining features, that students can use in their break times. Features like cameras could be used to document memorable moments students have during their day. In addition those who claim that mobile phones should not be banned from schools do take into consideration specific rules that will regulate their usage, preventing them from becoming a distraction for students.  
On the other hand, those who oppose using mobile phones in schools strictly believe that they distract students, are hard to regulate, and oppose the nature of a traditional school day. Games, sending text messages and chatting are considered the highest rated applications for teenagers and therefore the most distracting.   Academics claim that students will not know when to stop using their phones, either constantly ‘texting’ each other or...