Mobile Phones

Many young people today have their own mobile phone and believe it is essential to their lives.

Other people dislike mobile phones and think that they are both a nuisance and an unnecessary luxury item.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with these two points of view?

There are many communication medium available in the market today; mobile phones have been very popular for a variety of reasons: portability, ease of use, and functionality. Though some people point out that mobile phones are an unnecessary item, I object to such a notion.

To begin with, mobile phones are very convenient to carry wherever we go. Thus, it is possible to be in touch with family and friends and update ourselves with news and information. Having a phone with oneself most of the time allows not missing information – a factor very important for business person. Further, most of the mobiles have other important inbuilt functionalities which we can use while commuting to work or schools: text messaging, alarm, setting reminders, word processing, games, and using the internet.

Secondly, unlike other communication medium, giving and taking of information is very quick and even occurs in two-way in mobiles. For example, we can get instant feedback of our message and the call is instantly received by the receiver. In contrast, while sending letters, it takes sometimes until the letter is delivered. Likewise, a notice board may serve in giving official information, but it is not a two-way communication. In this aspect, mobile phones can be used for prompt dissemination of official and personal information irrespective of the location of caller and receiver.

Though some hold the opinion that mobile phones are a waste of money and an unnecessary luxury item, I do not totally agree. Since most of us generally have a choice in deciding the kind of handsets to use and the type of phone plans to subscribe, we can still make a good use of the device at a cost that best suits us....