Mlk Letter from Birmingham Jail Compare/Contrast Lecture with Historical Research

Martin Luther King and the other authors in the history all attempt to argue for the rights to disobey authority if there is social injustice. Compare with Martin Luther King, other lecture analyzes the duty and responsibility of citizens to protest and take action against corrupt laws of the government. Likewise, King conveys to his audience that the laws of the government against blacks are intolerable and that civil disobedience should be used as an instrument of freedom. They all effectively illustrate their philosophy that civil disobedience is a necessity, and the similarities and differences of them are portrayed through their occasion, audience, purpose, speaker, tone, appeals, and rhetorical strategies.
The occasion of a persuasive essay can give the reader an understanding of why the author may be persuading the audience about a certain topic. There is a example, Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience," is written in the United States, during the transcendentalism era, around 1837 to 1840's. His occasion also includes the small amount of time he spent in jail for not paying his taxes. On the other hand, King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail" is written more than one hundred years later. King writes in Birmingham Alabama during the Civil Rights Era. Similar to Thoreau's, King's occasion is in a jail cell, but for almost the majority of his essay. Both of these essays have occasions that take place during a time when there was a large amount of concern about social injustice of the government and it is understood why they would write their essays in the first place.
The audience allows the author to be focused on certain groups or individuals. King and others all aim at large audiences. Some focuses on U.S. citizens, primarily intellectuals in the East and North of the United States. On the other hand, King's audience is understood to be the eight clergymen that wrote against King's actions, but it is also implied that King's audience also includes the U.S. citizens...