Letter from Birmingham Jail

"Letter from Birmingham Jail"
Martin Luther King is one of the most renowned leaders, who fought for the rights of people and against racial prejudice among other things. In this paper I will focus on his popular letter, “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, whereby I will give my thoughts regarding the information covered in it.
To start with, it is imperative to note that this latter was meant to be a response to a statement made by eight white Alabama clergymen that the demonstrations led by king were not worth. Form the information I have gained from this letter, I think the King was right in his call for a nonviolent direct action. This is in consideration of the fact that if the oppressed continued tolerating the mistreatments and waiting for a time when their oppressors would decide to give them freedom and equal rights, the rights that the blacks now have in America would never have it were it not for such demonstrations.
Moreover, through the letter I have learnt a great number of life lessons including:
1) A great leader is one who will selflessly stand and defend the rights of other people without any fear of the repercussions just like king Luther who was jailed for his call for justice.
2) The church has a great role in shaping the society besides giving them moral support.
3) Lastly but not the least, I have leant that misunderstandings are igniters of war , hatred and blame amongst people considering the fact that had the clergymen been made aware regarding the reasons behind the demonstration they could not have termed the demonstrations as unwise and untimely.
Conclusively, letter is very important to everyone who appreciates knowledge from other people and most importantly one who has a dream of becoming a leader.
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